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I'm looking for suggestions as to the best way to parse the following calendar... http://www.ucd.ie/events/calendar . I can't detect any well known framework being used nor can I find it in RSS/XML/JSON format.

The only possible way to parse the following that I see is to parse the raw HTML which is far from ideal especially since many of the tags are repeditive.. a typical event looks like so..

            <td class="odd"> 
                <a href="http://www.ucd.ie/events/calendar?dt=d.en.66031&amp;f=week&amp;d=19/10/2010&amp;sd=Wednesday, 06 October 2010 - Wednesday, 01 December 2010&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null&amp;c=null">Exchange Information Talk</a> 
                <p class="description">Information for students on spending a period of study abroad on exchange as part of their UCD degree</p> 
            <td class="odd">UCD International</td> 
            <td class="odd">A105 Newman Building</td> 

As you can see parsing many of these from a HTML page isn't going to be fun. Basically I'm wondering does anyone have any suggestions as to how I'd go about this? or perhaps a smarter way of doing things? I'd really appreciate any help as I'm stuck can't really find any alternatives.


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This has been answered many times before. Without knowing your specific technology, I can't make a more specific recommendation. – Jason McCreary Oct 19 '10 at 12:45
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If the site does not provide another service then this HTML, your stuck with parsing it, but XPATH queries can make your live a lot more pleasant then just plain string matching.

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You can try it with xpath , to get the link you'll do


but it's gone break every time they change the hmtl ouput

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is there no way of building something that'll automatically work for each case? the output will change daily. – Aidanc Oct 19 '10 at 12:51
No, that's why web services are made for, ask your university. And by "html ouput" I mean only the shape of the html tag, not the content, so I seriously doubt they will change it often (but they can). – remi bourgarel Oct 19 '10 at 13:36

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