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I am working with a console application for VB 10.

How can I replace data that I have already written with:


Or how can I write on a specific point: e.g. 100 lines, 100 chars left

In the same way that a program such as wget has a loading bar that does not keep getting replaced every time progress is increased.

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Using the console CursorTop and CursorLeft will do what you want. As an example this will count both the upper left and lower right corners of the console window

Module Module1

    Sub Main()
        For x = 0 To 10000
            Console.CursorTop = 0
            Console.CursorLeft = 0
            Console.Write(10000 - x)
            Console.CursorLeft = 75
            Console.CursorTop = 24

    End Sub

End Module
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