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If I have several buttons that launches the same popovers, how can I dismiss the an already visible popover before displaying the new one?

I have a local variable self.popover that is set to the current popovercontroller; i check this popover variable to see if it is visible; if it is visible then I dismiss it and then present the new one, but the new one doesnt become visible until I touch it twice.

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As an FYI, Xcode is a development tool, not a language or framework. It doesn't really have anything to do with your recent questions. –  Brad Larson Oct 19 '10 at 17:51
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Try dismissing the existing popover using [myPopover dismissPopoverAnimated:NO]

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The reason this is happening is that by default your popover dismisses itself any time a touch occurs outside the popover itself; the touch event itself never gets propagated to the button as it "belongs" to the UIPopoverController. Once this occurs, you have to touch the button again to re-pop.

The best fix would be to retain a pointer to the UIPopoverController, and send an NSArray of the buttons you wish to dismiss/pop popovers from to the controller.

Then in the handler for each of these, check whether a popover is present. If so, dismiss it, and pop the popover for the button.

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