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I've followed this walkthrough to create a new user in TFS and add it to the Administrator group

When I try to connect to my project portal (directly from the tfs computer), it asks for my credentials :

  • if I enter my new user's credentials, IIS says "Access Denied"
  • if I try to log in using the windows Administrator account, it works fine.

I'm a bit puzzled here. Do I need to grant access to my user account somewhere else? (like in IIS for example?)

Additional info : I'm using TFS sp1, on windows server 2008 + sql server 2008. My user account has been created as a standard user on the server (I've tried to upgrade it to an Admin user just in case, but this doesn't work either)

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I'm assuming by "project portal" you mean the Sharepoint server? Is this TFS in "workgroup mode" (meaning the 5 user limit edition?) If so, you'd need to add the user to the Licensed Users group in TFS.

If not, I would check that the user has the right permissions in Sharepoint: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms252449(VS.80).aspx

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