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After carefully reading this KB article I noticed an interesting statement there. The article says that if I have an STA thread and that thread doesn't dispatch Windows messages then that thread

  • will be unable to receive COM events form a COM server
  • can cause message broadcasters to hang (and thus sometimes cause a deadlock)
  • surprisingly... will leak small amounts of memory

While the first two statements are rather reasonable - Windows messages are used for dispatching COM calls to objects in single-threaded apartments - I don't get the third one at all.

Why exactly will a thread "leak small amounts of memory" if it doesn't dispatch Windows messages?

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The messages that you're failing to dispatch - they must be queued up somewhere, waiting for that fateful moment at which you'll finally start dispatching them. That queue is going to use some memory.

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I would imagine because that a struct is allocated, and posted with the message. If the message is not processed, the struct containing the message parameters will not be freed.

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