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I would like to have a right aligned search field in the toolbar of an Eclipse RCP application. I already created the text field as ControlContribution and the respective search action in the ActionBarAdvisor class:

protected void fillCoolBar(ICoolBarManager coolBar) {
  IToolBarManager toolbar = new ToolBarManager(SWT.FLAT | SWT.RIGHT);
  toolbar.add(new ControlContribution("searchText") {

This works and I have the search field in the toolbar. But how can I align the search text (or the toolbar with the search text) on the right side?

Thanks, Michael

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If you mean positioning search toolbar on the right hand site of the main toolbar, then consider using these areas instead (when using org.eclipse.ui.menus extension point):

toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.main.toolbar - the top-level tool bar 
toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.trim.command1 - the top left trim 
toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.trim.command2 - the top right trim 
toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.trim.vertical1 - the left vertical trim 
toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.trim.vertical2 - the right vertical trim 
toolbar:org.eclipse.ui.trim.status - the status line trim 
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i had to reset the perspective/delete workspace to see the result ... – wuppi Apr 12 '12 at 12:22

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