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By referring to the answer at Multi Columns Combo Box for Swing, I manage to implement a 3 multi columns JComboBox as follow.

alt text

However, this is not perfect. My intention is to have something without the horizontal scroll bar, as follow. alt text

My question is, how can I have a JComboBox drop down list, which is wider than the JComboBox itself? I just want to get rid of the horizontal scroll bar. Yet, able to fit in 3 columns into a single list.

The source code are ResultSetCellRenderer and AjaxAutoCompleteJComboBox

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I got my problem resolved through the following forum Oracle Java Swing Forum

For future reference, I include the complete workable source code, for anyone who are interested.

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Which part in particular? – jjnguy Oct 21 '10 at 15:49

I had the same problem, so I created the following method

     * @param box is the ComboBox that is about to show its own popup menu
     * @param metrics is used to calculate the width of your combo box's items
    public static void adjustPopupWidth(JComboBox box,FontMetrics metrics) {
        if (box.getItemCount() == 0) {

        Object comp = box.getUI().getAccessibleChild(box, 0);
        if (!(comp instanceof JPopupMenu)) {

        //Find which option is the most wide, to set this width as pop up menu's preferred!
        int maxWidth=0;
        for(int i=0;i<box.getItemCount();i++){
            int currentWidth=metrics.stringWidth(box.getItemAt(i).toString());
        JPopupMenu popup = (JPopupMenu) comp;
        JScrollPane scrollPane = (JScrollPane) popup.getComponent(0);
        Dimension size = scrollPane.getPreferredSize();
        // +20, as the vertical scroll bar occupy space too.
        size.width = maxWidth+20;
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