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Friends I have configured WebLogic cluster with 2 managed servers and set crashrecoveryenabled to 'true' in nodemanager.properties so that in case of server crash the managed servers can start automatically.The Node manager and admin server are setup as windows services so that they can start automatically on server reboot. I have 2 questions 1.How can I make sure that the managed servers will start automatically after server reboot(I know adding managed servers as windows service is one option). 2.In nodemanager.properties do I need to set startscriptenabled to true in production environments?


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I always set startScriptEnabled=true in production environments. This just uses the script to start up the managed servers.

Provided crashRecoveryEnabled is set to true and you have started each of your managed servers then it will start.

You can use wlst to check if they are running (or start them) through some sort of scheduled task if you wish.

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Setting up a service to have the managed servers start on system reboot is the preferred approach.

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