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Is there any workaround to the IE8 bug where some elements seem to collapse the vertical margins and reset it when hover over the element?

You can test the bug at: http://www.gilbertybolona.com/seguros/generales/

And this is a screenshot: d.pr/Plf8

All of the elements should be equally separated.

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Screenshot: d.pr/Plf8 - Wasn't able to post two links as a spam prevention :S –  Mario Estrada Oct 19 '10 at 18:04

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Do you see the same behaviour with CUFON turned off?

I tried to isolate the issue and can't get the bug to occur. See here: http://jsbin.com/uceto4

You could try adding these to the styles for the dt.

position:relative; display:inline;

these can fix some IE bugs to do with hover / margins.

You could also try typeface.js and see if that does the same thing.

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I also wasn't able to reproduce on the jsbin you posted, but I tried removing the cufon on my webpage and the same bug appeared also tried the css properties you specified but the result was the same. I guess it is some crazy IE8 bug. –  Mario Estrada Oct 26 '10 at 16:19

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