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I have thousands of students records in Excel sheet. Now i will import that all data into Coradata [from Excel sheet to Coredata] and i will create my IPhone application using that coredata.

I dont have any idea, how to import excel file data into coredata.

If anybody knows the steps, please help me.


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You're thinking to broadly. You need to decompose this problem further. Here's your real problem:

  1. How do I read an Excel file into memory?
  2. How do I create Core Data objects?

"Excel" has nothing to do with "Core Data". They are entirely disjoint topics.

For the first question, there are several options. You could try and find a library that reads .xls or .xlsx files directly, or you could require that the file be in a different format (like CSV or something).

For the second question, that's easily answered by reading the Core Data documentation.

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I would convert the file to xml.
There are plenty of codes showing how to parse xml.

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