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i've removed all references to bold (gui=bold, cterm=bold, term=bold) in the color syntax file slate.vim but i still see some bolded text. for example in a python file, the keywords class, def, try, except, return, etc. are still in a bold blue font.

also how to disable bold in status messages, like "recording" or "Press ENTER or type command.."?

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pixelbeat.org/settings/.gvimrc –  devskii Oct 22 '10 at 7:46

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Instead of removing =bold references you should replace them by

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try also to remove the occurrences of standout.

You can find highlighting groups by doing the following:

:sp $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/hitest.vim | source %

You can find where colors and font options were defined by doing:

:verbose highlight ModeMsg

(replace ModeMsg by your highlight group)

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Just in case someone is using iTerm on MacOS and also has this problem (since the same color scheme and vimrc settings under Ubuntu never gave me this problem), there is an option in iTerm under Preference->Profiles->text that stops iTerm from rendering any bold text. That's an easier and quicker fix.

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