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I am having issues pulling from a YAML config file:

Fatal error: while parsing a block mapping; expected <block end>, but found BlockEntry

I recall being able to copy/paste my YAML contents into a website, and it giving me line-by-line syntax errors. Does anyone know of a linux package that will fix errors like this, or the website I am thinking of?

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With basic installation of Ruby this should work

ruby -e "require 'yaml';puts YAML.load_file('./data.yaml')"
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If you remove the puts y from the end of this then you get a more standard UNIX behavior: if the file is valid then nothing will be printed, and if it’s invalid then you’ll see an exception and stack trace. –  bdesham Jan 22 at 14:39
…and if you remove the puts y you can also get rid of the y=. –  bdesham Jan 23 at 21:35
Thanks, that's definitely better and shorter. –  Tombart Jan 25 at 13:53

Given that you have a perl install on the server you are working on, and it has some of the basic YAML tools, you can use...

perl -MYAML -e 'use YAML;YAML::LoadFile("./file.yaml")'

It should be noted that this will be strict in it's interpretation of the file, but useful.

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Just found this


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Or alternately installed (free) Eclipse IDE and then YEdit yaml editor and see your yaml with syntax highlighting, error flags, and outline views. One time setup cost works pretty well for me.

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