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Mercurial provides the command parents to examine a given revision's parent(s). This can easily be used to Traverse the DAG backward. I need to traverse the DAG forward. Is there a hg children command?

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If you're using Mercurial 1.6 or later, there is a built-in functional language for specifying sets of revisions; see hg help revsets for full details.

In your case, you would use hg log -r children(XXX) to show immediate children of revision XXX, or hg log -r descendants(XXX) to show all changesets with XXX as an ancestor.

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Use the bundled children extension. hg help children (1.5):

hg children [-r REV] [FILE]

show the children of the given or working directory revision

    Print the children of the working directory's revisions. If a revision is
    given via -r/--rev, the children of that revision will be printed. If a
    file argument is given, revision in which the file was last changed (after
    the working directory revision or the argument to --rev if given) is


 -r --rev       show children of the specified revision
    --style     display using template map file
    --template  display with template
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