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I am currently using this recently written tutorial on authorizing an application with facebook using auth 2.0 and it works. the application authorizes correctly and uses the GraphAPI.


But the problem is using the IFrame with a multi page website and this method of authentication, each time a different page is called, it has to go back to authentication page which will redirect the user page to the application, which makes it impossible to pass variables using $_GET.

So how would anyone else here suggest passing variables from one page to the next in an iframe?

This is probably not needed by the application I am working on is at : http://apps.facebook.com/prtrackevents/

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The problem is that your urls are only navigating within the frame. The authentication of facebook is including your session variables inside a ?session=... query tag on your frame so that when you navigate to a url in your iframe you loose the ?session querystring value so then your app has to re authenticate. The fix is that your links must include target="_top" so that they cause the entire page to change positions. For example, your details link should be like this:

<a href="http://apps.facebook.com/prtrackevents/?page=&command=showevent&option=10&email=&name=&image=" target="_top">Details</a>
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