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Hello there okay so this is the deal i have a folder where my mp3 files are stored for single download, and now i want a feature where you can download all the mp3s at once in a zipped folder. Is it possible to zip all the files from that folder using php ( or anything really but if not PHP then please explain thoroughly) or would i have to just re-upload all the mp3s again in zipped format?

Thanks you so much.

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Have you checked – Rwky Oct 19 '10 at 20:17
Thanks a lot I'll try them out – DonJuma Oct 19 '10 at 20:27
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Just to demonstrate use of the undocumented addGlob() method of the zipArchive class:

$zipFile = dirname(__FILE__)."/";
$zipArchive = new ZipArchive();

if (!$zipArchive->open($zipFile, ZIPARCHIVE::OVERWRITE))
    die("Failed to create archive\n");

if (!$zipArchive->status == ZIPARCHIVE::ER_OK)
    echo "Failed to write local files to zip\n";

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There are several PHP libraries for compression. Have you tried them?

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Mark Baker's example looks good, read up if you want to learn or need something more specific.

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