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I'm trying to create a drawable on the fly to use as a background for a custom linearlayout. It needs to have hash marks and such (no big deal), but also have numbers labeling what the hash marks are (like a ruler). I know I can just create text elements and put them inside the linearlayout and just have the hash marks in the drawable, but I'm hoping to have them inside the drawable as well, so I don't have to do measurement calculations twice.

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I've read the book "Professional Android 2 Application Development" (by Reto Meier). Amongst others, it contains an example project where you create a simple compass application where you "draw" text, markers etc.

The brief explanation is that you create a class that extends the android.view.View class and overrides the onDraw(Canvas) method.

All the source code form the book is available for download here:,descCd-DOWNLOAD.html. If you download the code and look inside the project named "Chapter 4 Compass", I believe you would find what you're looking for :)

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canvas.drawText(...) was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! – atraudes Oct 19 '10 at 21:41

Here is a brief example of a TextDrawable which works like a normal drawable but lets you specify text as the only constructor variable:

public class TextDrawable extends Drawable {

    private final String text;
    private final Paint paint;

    public TextDrawable(String text) {

        this.text = text;

        this.paint = new Paint();
        paint.setShadowLayer(6f, 0, 0, Color.BLACK);

    public void draw(Canvas canvas) {
        canvas.drawText(text, 0, 0, paint);

    public void setAlpha(int alpha) {

    public void setColorFilter(ColorFilter cf) {

    public int getOpacity() {
        return PixelFormat.TRANSLUCENT;
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Super, just what I needed! – Bostone Jan 15 '12 at 4:44
it works fine the only problem is text displayed wide.i am drawing text at (x,y) according to progress. where x = progress*seekBar.getWidth()/seekBar.getMax() and y = seekBar.getHeight()/2. can you please tell me where is my mistake to calculate the x,y co-ordinates. – Hiren Dabhi Mar 12 '12 at 12:11
ok it works perfect. that was my mistake. i have putted padding(left and right) of seek bar.Thanks plowman. – Hiren Dabhi Mar 12 '12 at 14:22
Am trying to use type face in the paint object, but it didn't work. Any ideas? paint.setTypeface(Typeface.createFromAsset(context.getAssets(), "custom_font.ttf")); – Sathesh Jan 24 '15 at 7:45

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