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I'm using the prototype javascript libraries. My code is below. I've created a class and in that class I have created an event listener for one of the class methods. In that method I need to access both the attributes of the form element that triggers the event and the class properties. Currently, the code understands $(this).getValue() in the event because this is being assigned to the form element that triggered the event. How can I access the this.makingRequest and this.user properties from the event function? Can I pass them in as parameters somehow? If so, how? Nothing I've tried to this point works. Thanks for any help.

function AddressBookEntryObj(user, selectField)
    this.selectField = selectField;
    this.user = user;
    this.makingRequest = false;
    this.debugMode = false;

    Event.observe(this.selectField, 'change', handleEvent);

//Prototype statements
AddressBookEntryObj.prototype.handleEvent = handleEvent;
//End prototype statements

function handleEvent()
        if (!this.makingRequest) 
            this.makingRequest = true;    
            var ajax = 
                new Ajax.Request(
                        method:     'get', 
                        parameters:    { 
                            action:         'doGet', 
                             whichFunc:         'MyReallyCoolFunction',
                             fieldValue:     $(this).getValue(),
                             user:            this.user
                        onCreate:    handleAjaxCreate,
                        onComplete: handleChangeComplete 
            return true;
            return false;
    catch (ex)
        alert("handleEvent Error: \r\n" + ex.toString());



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jsfiddle example

Take a look at this jsfiddle I made with your code. You needed to add "bind(this)" to your callback handler. Doing that will make "this" be your object and use "" to access the html element.


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Thanks, man. I had tried that before but had obviously screwed something up. I appreciate the help. jsfiddle is pretty cool, btw. – Andrew Cooper Oct 19 '10 at 22:19
No problem and yeah JSFiddle rocks, it's my goto tool when I need to trouble shoot something with the bare minimum. – subhaze Oct 26 '10 at 5:54

Firstly use:

AddressBookEntryObj.prototype.handleEvent = function()

Then this inside handleEvent should point to AddressBookEntryObj. To be sure it will work everywhere inside that function use something like:

var _this = this;

And then use _this inside any event handlers.

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