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I am using the following jQuery to change classes on elements in an unordered list. It doesn't seem like it is the most effective way of achieving the effect. Is there a better way to write this?

$(function() {
    $('nav li a').click( function() {



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It's usually simpler in these cases to attach the handler to the <li> and let the click bubble up from the <a> (which happens by default). Then your handler looks like this:

$(function() {
  $('nav li').click( function() {

Then in your CSS you just account for active being on the <li>, like this:

li.active a { color: red; }

As an aside, if you have many <li> elements you'll want to use .delegate() like this:

$('nav').delegate('li', 'click', function() {
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Perfect! Thank you - delegate is exactly what I was looking for. – simonyoung Oct 19 '10 at 21:39

Also note that if you want to remove 'active' from all elements except this then you could get away with something as simple as


And that should propagate through the tree pretty easily. However, I can see it causing a headache on performance if the DOM is heavily populated.

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I used above code, it is working

I am using in my code

enter code here : function addnewStepsUpper(){


Thanks Vishal Sanwar

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