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I want to parse a list of arguments in a perl script, for example i have this situation : -h -u user -p pass arg1 arg2 arg3

How can i do for parse the list of argument that aren't option in an array, and the option parameter in scalar value ?


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In Mastering Perl, I talk about the 90+ Perl modules that let you do this in almost any way that you like. :) – brian d foy Oct 19 '10 at 22:23
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Well, if they are the only things on the command line that aren't given as options, then they should still be in @ARGV. So just use @ARGV.

use Getopt::Long;

# save arguments following -h or --host in the scalar $host
# the '=s' means that an argument follows the option
# they can follow by a space or '=' ( --host= )
GetOptions( 'host=s' => \my $host 
          , 'user=s' => \my $user  # same for --user or -u
          , 'pass=s' => \my $pass  # same for --pass or -p

# @ARGV: [ qw<arg1 arg2 arg3> ]

see Getopt::Long

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The arguments to your program are stored in @ARGV.

If you want to do any handling of switches at all, please use Getopt::Long, which is a standard Perl module.

Even if you think "Oh, I can just pick the stuff I want out of the list", please use Getopt::Long, because I guarantee you the time will come that you will add more switches, and you will wind up saying "Man, I wish I'd started using Getopt::Long from the beginning."

Please also see my blog post "Use Getopt::Long even if you think you don't need it".

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