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I am trying to write a pager from my application which require to get the total number of albums. I can fetch all albums from the orkut but it slow down the transfer rate since I only need the total not the data in the albums.

Does opensocial v9 has a function I can check how many albums a viewer has? or maybe I fetch only the ID of the albums so I can minimize the transfer time

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Opensocial suports pagination by providing developers the ability to add startIndex and count parameters to DataRequests ( and other *Requests). If developer does not supply a count parameters, its detault is 20, and as you guess, when a startIndex parameter isnt supplied, it defautls to 0(zero).

Response you get must be something like:

  "startIndex": 0,
  "totalResults": 120,
  "entry": [

Here, totalResults is the total number of albums, not the returned album count. You can use totalResults to calculate your page count and prepare your pagination.

opensocial.DataRequest.MediaItemsField.MAX field probably used while making MediaItemRequests, however to make a album list AlbumRequest should be used. you can limit the number of albums fetched in this pipeline

<os:AlbumsRequest key='myalbums' userid="@viewer" groupid="@self" />

by adding a count parameter, such as:

<os:AlbumsRequest key='myalbums' userid="@viewer" groupid="@self" count="5"/>

this album request fetches at max 5 albums of viewer. the resulting json would be:

  "startIndex": 0,
  "totalResults": total number of albums....,
  "entry": [ at max 5 albums....

Here you can get total number of album by calling myalbums.totalResults.

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Do you mean the parameter opensocial.DataRequest.MediaItemsField.MAX = something values.... and use the response collections.getTotalSize. – Simon Oct 27 '10 at 11:39
Oh sorry, I need for albums as well as photos. I used the DataRequest.send and get the response object but I couldn't find the totalResults instead I have a Collection object for albums that contain a function 'getTotalSize()'. I assume the 'getTotalSize' is the function I really wanted but it wasn't. It gave me 5 fetched albums. – Simon Oct 28 '10 at 11:54
can I see related part of your code? – Ferid Gürbüz Oct 28 '10 at 12:56

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