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Ctrl M-L doesn't toggle all the regions in vb.net (2008) when there's a hierarchy between the regions. I don't like regions. Is there a way to expand ALL the regions or remove them permanently?

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there's no such thing as expanding all outlining in nested outlines, Cntrl-M, L is the one to expand all outlining (or cntrl-m, cntrl-m to expand 1 region). VB.NET doesn't have an option to toggle outlining mode as C# has.

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There is a claim by James Nies that "NArrange could also be used as a tool to strip regions from source code."

I hadn't thought about it until now, but NArrange could also be used as a tool to strip regions from source code.

If you were to define an empty elements declaration for types, see below, then NArrange will just parse the members and write them back. It won't sort anything, but rather will just strip regions and clean up whitespace between members.

 <Element Type="Type" Id="DefaultType">
              <Elements />

However, this won't remove regions that are defined within members.

Source: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/codegen/narrange.aspx?msg=2579903#xx2579903xx

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In VB.Net, do a Search and Replace and select Use Hidden and Use Regex:




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