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If so how?

Did you roll your own with jQuery or use the Microsoft AJAX toolkit?

Did you create a webservice or call an action?

EDIT : Please note that this question was asked before Microsoft announced that they were going to bundle jQuery in with VS/ASP.NET MVC. I think there is less of a discussion around this topic now and the answer would now almost always be 'use jQuery'. IainMH 11th Feb 2009

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I've spent the past day or two getting @Matt Hinze's answer to work. It works well. jQuery is the prefferred method of doing AJAX in the forthcoming ASP.NET MVC In Action book from Manning. You can get a pdf of a free preview chapter on AJAX in MVC here.

However, Stephen Walther in his excellent ASP.NET Tip series has just blogged about creating cascading dropdowns in Tip #41.

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