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I am asking about the common techniques which are used in c# to support multilingual interface in windows forms

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I would also recommend to check out this tool: Multilizer. I have been using it in my CBuilder/Delphi projects.

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As I'm always on the look-out for improved translated interfaces, I was wondering what made you decide to use this tool? I had a quick glance at the site and didn't get answers to most of my questions (how to handle long strings, handle LTR vs RTL vs TTB etc) –  Boris Callens Dec 29 '08 at 9:36
It supported C++ Builder and worked well. What's the difference how long the strings are? They must be translated anyway - and Multilizer actually shows with color coding if your translated string gets much longer than original. And I didn't need any fancy settings - just Baltic languages,Russian. –  Riho Dec 29 '08 at 12:21

You should use resources files. Check this msdn link for example.

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