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I have the following web config file. I am having some difficulty in retrieving the value from the "AppName.DataAccess.ConnectionString" key. I know I could move it to the AppSetting block and get it realtively easily but I do not wnat to duplicate the key (and thereby clutter my already cluttered web.config file). Another DLL (one to which I have no source code) uses this block and since it already exists, why not use it.

I am a C# developer (using .Net 3.5) and this is VB code (using .Net 1.1 no less) so I am already in a strange place (where is my saftey semicolon?). Thanks for your help!!

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    	<section name="AppNameConfiguration" type="AppName.SystemBase.AppNameConfiguration, SystemBase"/>
    	<add key="AppName.DataAccess.ConnectionString" value="(Deleted to protect guilty)" />
        ...other key info deleted for brevity...
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<section name="AppNameConfiguration" 
type="AppName.SystemBase.AppNameConfiguration, SystemBase"/>

The custom section is supposed to have a class that defines how the various configuration data can be managed, (This is in the Type section). Is this class not available for you to examine?

MSDN has a decent explanation of how to create custom configuration sections in VB that may be helpful to you:

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