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how to write dynamic struts , i'm doing as below

<logic:iterate id="data" name="sendEmailForm" property="eventList">
    <html:option value="<bean:write name="data" property="eventId"/>"/>
        <bean:write name="data" property="title"/>

but getting error JSPG0069E: Unmatched end tag found while parsing jsp. Expecting logic:iterate found html:option at [87,130]

there is another to do so,

thanks in advance

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<html:option property="title">
<html:optionsCollection name="sendEmailForm" label="title" value="eventId" />
  1. html:option tag

    property="?" whatever you want to set like if attribute is title and corresponding method (getTitle(), setTitle(String title) ) then property= "title"

  2. html:optionsCollection tag

    • name = "?" whatever you have put in your request/session attribute like (request Or session).setAttribute("sendEmailForm", ListArr); then name="sendEamilForm"

      • listArr is array of object of bean ( may be formbean or simple pojofile/bean).
    • label ="?" what ever you want to show like if you have attribute 'title' and corresponding setter(setTitle(String title)) and getter(getTitle()) method then label="title"

    • value ="?" what ever you want to put as value in option. you call your getter method corresponding attribute like if you have attribute eventId and method ( setEventId(String eventId) , getEventId() ) then value="eventId"

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ok finally i found below for solution

<html:optionsCollection name="sendEmailForm" property="eventList" label="title" value="eventId" />
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