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Without wanting to bug sacha too much, does anyone know what the Cinch V2 way of closing a View from a ViewModel command?

Previously I have used a RelayCommand in the ViewModel base to accept the Escape keybinding command action and wired up a RequestClose event in the View code behind to do this.

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Use CloseActivePopUpCommand.Execute(true) in the execute method to close a view.

I've included a short sample below.

public class PickOperatorViewModel : ViewModelBase
  public PickOperatorViewModel()
    PickOperaterCommand = new SimpleCommand<Object, Object>(CanExecutePickOperaterCommand, ExecutePickOperaterCommand);

  public SimpleCommand<Object, Object> PickOperaterCommand { get; private set; }
  private void ExecutePickOperaterCommand(Object args)

  private bool CanExecutePickOperaterCommand(Object args)
    return true;
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