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e.g.  a.com  b.com  c.com  d.com  e.com

now I want to replace this ip from another text, not the same width, like, is also store in a rect text.

I know that Ctrl+v can do rect select, but how to do copy and paste?

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Ctrl-V, as you said, to select, then 'y' to "yank" (copy). You can then paste it with 'p'. You can select an area in which to paste by again using Ctrl-V and hitting 'p' instead of just hitting 'p'. Vim will respect the rectangular area that you copied when you do the pasting, so you won't need to reformat.

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Select with CTRL-V and then motion keys. If you have set showmode you will see -- VISUAL BLOCK -- at the bottom.


Select the destination again with CTRL-V.


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OP knows CTRL-V is used for visual select, he is asking how to copy/paste. –  N 1.1 Oct 20 '10 at 5:17
But probably OP didn't know about using CTRL-V twice. It doesn't hurt just mentioning it. –  dtmilano Oct 23 '10 at 17:28

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