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An import was performed on my database which wasn't done so well. It's resulted in some fields being empty where they shoudln't, etc...

What I need to do now is move all the data from one column in one table into a column in a different table. Both tables have an ID which is a link to each rows.

For example:


id | linkID | email
1  |  7     | 
2  |  3     |


id | email
7  |
3  |

I was going to write a small PHP script to pull out all the rows from Table2 and UPDATE Table1 using the id and email. But I was wondering if this could be done entirely through SQL queries?

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update table1 set email = (select email from table2 where;
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update table1
inner join table2 on table1.linkID =

if you only want to set the empty emails:

update table1
inner join table2 on table1.linkID =
where = '';
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update table2 set email = (select email from table1 where table1.linkId =
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are you sure that TOP works in mysql ? and why you what update table2 ? – Cesar Oct 20 '10 at 5:55
not sure if that one works, but I am sure there is a TOP. – Anatoly G Oct 20 '10 at 5:57

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