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I have this string:

(3 + 5) * (1 + 1)

I want to match this strings:

(3 + 5)


(1 + 1)

I used this to try to match it:


But that matches the whole string, from the first ( to the last ).

Any idea on how to fix this / make it working?

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If you don't care about nested parenthesis, use

#  ^^^^^

to avoid matching any ( or ) inside a group.

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There are two ways to look at this:

  • Instead of greedy repetition *, I want reluctant *?
    • i.e. (\(.*?\))
  • Instead of ., I want [^)], i.e. anything but )
    • i.e. (\([^)]*\))

Note that neither handles nested parentheses well. Most regex engine would have a hard time handling arbitrarily nested parantheses, but in .NET you can use balancing groups definition.

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Use a non-greedy match, ie

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How about

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A bit too specific to the example -- it won't work in more general cases, where the thing separating the groups of parentheses might not be *. –  cHao Oct 20 '10 at 6:56

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