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It has been a long time since Subsonic have stopped at version 3. Any new development going on? Thanks

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We're releasing version 3.1 soon. If you take a look at the github repository at you'll see that the project is not dead at all. You'll find a roadmap for 3.1 (scattered over a couple of threads) on google groups

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The github repos have very little activity and the referenced url for the website is dead (goes to a parked domain). Safe to say Subsonic is most likely dead at this point.

The original author of Subsonic, robconery, has created Massive, a micro-ORM implementation using the new dynamic keyword. While not necessarily intended to replace Subsonic, this is where development effort by him appears to be going.

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And perhaps Entity Framework is seen as the "replacement" for the original concept of SubSonic - an ORM for C# development. – Adam Nofsinger Oct 3 '13 at 20:45

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