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I'm trying to use Watin for testing. And I need to get a list of elements with specific properties, e.g. all links that have "Go" title.

I was trying this:

browser.Link(link => link.Text == "Go");

but it returns only one element. Also I was trying this:

var links = from link in browser.Elements
                    where link.Text == "Go"
                    select link;

but this returns nothing.

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You can use Filter like: browser.Links.Filter(Find.ByText("Go"));

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thanks! that works! –  Hun1Ahpu Oct 20 '10 at 9:52

Using Filter is a great way to go but if you wanted to use linq, you could use:

browser.Links.Where(link => link.Text == "Go");

-The reason it was returning one link for you was because you used a singular 'Link' not the plural 'Links' :)

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