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using the API I am trying to create a contact, using the API 2.x and not the old one. Here it only explains the old API. I haven't found any proper tutorial, example, etc. showing how to create a contact. As far as I have figured out I have to create a raw contact, under raw contacts I found h t t p : / / (sorry for the ugly link I am only allowed to post one link...) from there I tried

ContentValues values = new ContentValues(); 
values.put(RawContacts.ACCOUNT_TYPE, accountType); //accountType = "xxxx"
values.put(RawContacts.ACCOUNT_NAME, accountName); //accountName = "aaaa"
Uri rawContactUri = getContentResolver().insert(RawContacts.CONTENT_URI, values); 
long rawContactId = ContentUris.parseId(rawContactUri); 
values.put(Data.RAW_CONTACT_ID, rawContactId); 
values.put(Data.MIMETYPE, StructuredName.CONTENT_ITEM_TYPE); 
values.put(StructuredName.DISPLAY_NAME, "Mike Sullivan"); 
getContentResolver().insert(Data.CONTENT_URI, values);

The last line of code shows that "Data.CONTENT_URI" cannot be resolved. It looks a little bit that this line of code is for the 1.6 API, I have changed the Data.CONTENT_URI to ContactsContract.Data.CONTENT_URI. At least the code compiles and executes, but I still don't have a contact Mike Sullivan in my addressbook afterwards. I exchanged now as well the other "Data" with "ContactsContract.Data" still no changes.

Has anyone an easy example how to create a person in the addressbook on 2.x?

Edit: I made some progress, it looks like that I always need an account on my phone to add a contact. My phone has account type and account name The emulator has nothing. I wonder to which account I have to add my contacts? Can I assume that I ALWAYS have exactly one gmail account and take this one?


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Are you looking for something like this?

{ // insert a new data item
    // first we need to get a raw contact corresponding to the contact.
    Cursor rawCur = getContentResolver().query(RawContacts.CONTENT_URI,
         new String[]{RawContacts._ID},
         RawContacts.CONTACT_ID + "=?",
         new String[]{String.valueOf(contactId)}, null);

    long rawContactId = -1;
    for (boolean moreRaws = rawCur.moveToFirst(); moreRaws;
        moreRaws = rawCur.moveToNext()) 
        rawContactId = rawCur.getLong(rawCur.getColumnIndex(RawContacts._ID));

    ArrayList<ContentProviderOperation> ops = new ArrayList<ContentProviderOperation>();    

       .withValue(ContactsContract.Data.RAW_CONTACT_ID, rawContactId)

    try {
       ContentProviderResult[] results = 
                   getContentResolver().applyBatch(ContactsContract.AUTHORITY, ops);"result: "+results[0]);
    } catch (UnsupportedOperationException ex) {
    } catch (RemoteException ex) {
    } catch (OperationApplicationException ex) {
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