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i have WebService in the PC

and i get date & time in dd/mm/yyyy and on another PC in mm/dd/yyyy

i have any Windows-CE mobile that connect to this PC

how to Synchronize date & time between PC and mobile ?

(i need that the PC date & time will be in the monile)

thank's in advance

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Your web service should expose the date and time in a standard format (e.g. ISO-8601). If your web method is declared to return a DateTime, this should happen automatically - the situation you've described should only occur if you're explicitly doing something like:

return DateTime.UtcNow.ToString("d");

... don't do that, basically.

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Convert the date of your Smartphone to ISO format (i.e. yyyy-mm-dd) then send it to your PC and convert it there from yyyy-mm-dd to mm/dd/yyyy

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