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hi i am trying to create a pdf files in php useing dompdf-0.5.1 i am creating these files from html i have a large number of data everytime i try to create a big file its getting stuck giving me errors is therey any library that i can use for large pdf files from html also its working for small and normal files thanks

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'DOMPDF_Internal_Exception' with message 'Frame not found in cellmap' in E:\AppServ\www\test\include\cellmap.cls.php:237 Stack trace: #0 E:\AppServ\www\test\include\table_cell_frame_reflower.cls.php(66): Cellmap->get_frame_position(Object(Table_Cell_Frame_Decorator)) #1 E:\AppServ\www\test\include\frame_decorator.cls.php(387): Table_Cell_Frame_Reflower->reflow() #2 E:\AppServ\www\test\include\table_row_frame_reflower.cls.php(70): Frame_Decorator->reflow() #3 E:\AppServ\www\test\include\frame_decorator.cls.php(387): Table_Row_Frame_Reflower->reflow() #4 E:\AppServ\www\test\include\table_frame_reflower.cls.php(468): Frame_Decorator->reflow() #5 E:\AppServ\www\test\include\frame_decorator.cls.php(387): Table_Frame_Reflower->reflow() #6 E:\AppServ\www\test\include\block_frame_reflower.cls.php(408): Frame_Decorator->reflow() #7 E:\AppServ\www\test\include\frame_decorator.cls.php(387): Block_Frame_Reflower->reflow() #8 E:\AppServ\www\test\include\table_cell_frame_reflower.cls.php(115): Frame_Deco in E:\AppServ\www\test\include\cellmap.cls.php on line 237

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It would help to have some sample HTML that causes the problem. You might consider upgrading to the 0.6.0 release of DOMPDF (currently in beta). It addresses a number of problems including this one. – BrianS Oct 20 '10 at 18:07
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I would recomend using Webkit to PDF or PhantomJS

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+1 to this choice. About a year ago I tried all available free PDF converters, and wkhtmltopdf worked better than any other. Normally you will evade many problems and crazy bugs by using it. – Antony Harder Nov 28 '13 at 14:16

Just had some headbanging going on with DOMpdf and found a couple of fixes along the way regarding this, so thought I'd share.

My dompdf Frame not found in cellmap error could be helped by editing includes/cellmap.cls.php and commenting out every occurence of:

throw new DOMPDF_Exception("Frame not found in cellmap");

Lines 212, 231, 257, 274

Substituting with:

return false;

This enabled me to see where my mutli-page PDF doc was actually erroring. I narrowed it down to a large image spanning more than one page (user cms input of course!) So I swapped the singular image for the same, chopped into 2 pieces and all is fixed.

I have also read that this error can be linked to div's spanning more that one page but found in 0.6.0 beta 3 not to be the case, as any 'fix' surrounding that made no difference, even though I have multiple div's spanning pages. The fixes suggesting replacing all div's with either 'p' or 'span' tags.

So now DOMpdf is rendering out CMS generated pages with no problems and hope this helps someone along the way,

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Thanks for this. I break my head for long time with this error. In my case it was a PHP error caused by changing objects to arrays in one object. The PHP error display didn't fit the page hence the error. By commenting out those lines I figure out the error which is almost undetectable otherwise. – Adrian P. Oct 16 '15 at 17:29

I have been facing the same problem for days, in a huge table with rowspan and colspan, but no border-collapse:collapse (there is a known issue related to that property).

I have resolved it by adding this to the style of my table element:


Hope it helps!

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