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This might seem trivial, but I'm new to JS. I have this piece of code:

var argumentsBegin = elementAction.search("(");
var argumentsEnd = elementAction.search(")");

elementAction is a string. The problem with the code is it doesn't seem to find the parenthesis. The first alert box shows for example: outer(inner) But the second one doesn't appear at all. All is cool if I replace () with {}, though. Any thoughts why is this not working for me?

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What exactly are you trying to do? Try var arg = elementAction.match(/\\([^)]*\\)/); –  Kobi Oct 20 '10 at 11:47

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Yes: the search() method of strings expects a regular expression as the parameter and is treating the string you're passing as a regular expression pattern, in which parentheses have special meaning. Use indexOf() instead:

alert( elementAction.indexOf("(") ); 
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search is regular expression, ( is keyword in regular expression. you have to escape ( to \(, \( in string is "\\("

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