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My Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio is slow. And by slow I mean >1minute to render a context menu-slow. All other things work perfectly fine. The connection to the database itself is not slow (my app works just fine and context menus don't need connection to the DB anyway I guess)..

Anybody has any idea what I should check to solve this?


  • Cpu is around 3%
  • Gigs of free ram
  • Only clicking right on a table in the object explorer, nothing else
  • the database is remote
  • It's the full version of SSMS
  • No system logging errors
  • Reinstall had no effect


I installed Toad for SQL and everything works super smooth there. Actually, I find it way more productive then MSSql ever was for me. It's not really an answer to my question, but it certainly a solution.

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Are you connecting to a local or remote server? How much ram do you have? Express of full version? What are you doing at the time in SSMS? – Mitchel Sellers Dec 29 '08 at 15:07
Is there anything in your Windows System or Application event logs? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling SSMS? Have you got all of the latest drivers for your hardware? – Brent Ozar Feb 9 '09 at 16:45
Nothing I can find in the event logs (but I'm no sysadmin, so I might've overlooked something). Uninstalling/Reinstalling would be the verry last thing I would want to do, it takes ages. My hardware/drivers is perfectly fine. – Boris Callens Feb 10 '09 at 8:37

Have you installed any add-ins/plugins? Those might be the source of the problem.

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nope, just barebone – Boris Callens Feb 5 '09 at 7:48

Does this behavior occur for all SQL Servers you connect to, or just a few in particular? If it's only certain ones, it may be a really slow SQL Server - to get any context menus or list databases, it has to execute some queries against the remote servers to collect information, and if they're less than responsive, SSMS will be too.

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No, it's against all DB. – Boris Callens Oct 1 '09 at 7:31

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