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how can i display the link of the image wich was clicked in the document?

i've added a class to the image when the image was clicked that works fine but when i want to display the image where the class was added with getelementbyid it doesn't find it and in the source code it is not visible.

please help me!!


above i wrote class but i took the id!

i have an website which is displayed on the iphone in my app. on the site is a gallery and in xcode i get the image with getelementbyid('download_fullscreen'). so when the image is tapped it goes fullscreen but this is generated by jquery with the plugin touchgallery i can assign an id to the clicked image but it is not recognized in the app on the iphone. and when i slide to the next image the id will not move to the next image. here is the demo: http://neteye.github.com/touch-gallery.html when you click on an image it will be fullscreen and the gallerycode is generated by javascript. how can i print the imageurl from the image which is currently in fullscreen to the document that my iphone app can recognize it?

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getElementByID will return object only if you are assigning ID to tag and not CLASS.

For eg. getElementByID will work here as ID is assigned with tag

<img id="myid" class="clicked" src="your_image_path">

But not in this case.

<img class="clicked" src="your_image_path">

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I'm not sure what you're asking. If you've added a class to an <img> tag, and you're able to select the image element, via document.getElementById() or otherwise (getElementsByClassName), you can get the element's src attribute easily:

var myImage = document.getElementById('myImage');
var imageUrl = myImage.src;

Regrettably, this only gains you a relative path. Hopefully the URLs are absolute, otherwise you'll need to handle them. Hope this helps a little! Check out: "HTMLImageElement at MDC"

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