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I need to wrap a group of WPF controls to that I can toggle their visibility at the same time. How can I do that?

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StackPanel, DockPanel, WrapPanel are mainly used for design, to align the controls in a specific way. Therefor i would use the Grid.

All of these can be used, but using a Panel just for hide and seek would make it lose its meaning.

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Use StackPanel or other kinds of panels depending on your need (WrapPanel if you need wrapping).

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You can use any of the layout panels: StackPanel, DockPanel, WrapPanel or Grid.

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Any of the panels - Grid, stackpanel, canvas, etc - in WPF can be Visible/Collapsed/Hidden. Just set the visibility of the object to Visibility.Hidden or Visibility.Collapsed. Notice the Name="" attribute...

<StackPanel Name="Test" Visibility="Visible">  

On the code-behind, do a simple Name.Visibility conversion:

Test.Visibility = Visibility.Visible;
Test.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed;
Test.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden;

It's also worth noting that most (if not all?) objects have Visibility. Buttons, menu items, etc, etc... Button Name="MyButton, Mybutton.Visibility =...

Edit: Link I posted wasn't helpful.

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