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This is my code snippet:

    final ListGrid subscriberGrid = new ListGrid();

    ListGridField fnField = new ListGridField("fn", "First Name");
    ListGridField lnField = new ListGridField("ln", "Last Name");
    ListGridField emailField = new ListGridField("email", "E-mail");
    subscriberGrid.setFields(fnField, lnField, emailField);

How do I enter values for it? I tried initiating a ListGridRecord[], but I was unable to fill any values properly. I also tried with a Javascript Object, but that also gave me an error. Googling also did not return satisfactory results.


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ahh Darn. I got the answer after asking it.

        ListGridRecord temp = new ListGridRecord();

        temp.setAttribute("fn", "foo");
        temp.setAttribute("ln", "bar");
        temp.setAttribute("email", "baz");

        ListGridRecord[] record = { temp };


Sorry for the clutter ^-^

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