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I have a HTTP page with a form. If I set the action to a HTTPS page, is the request secure? Does the browser process all the data before it sends it to the net? Or should I use HTTPS for my entire site?

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possible duplicate of Is it secure to submit from a HTTP form to HTTPS? –  RobEarl Sep 26 '13 at 10:43
Your accepted answer is generally regarded as outdated advice. Please see my response: stackoverflow.com/a/22625230/2179408 –  Rob Bell Jul 29 at 8:54

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No. Troy Hunt identifies a simple man-in-the-middle attack that shows that posting from HTTP to HTTPS is by no means secure. With the proliferation of free WiFi this attack would be very simple to execute.


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posting in full HTTPS sites neither, i think. –  Kstro21 Mar 27 at 14:33
Sorry, @Kstro21, not sure what you mean. Do you mean that this exploit could still occur from HTTPS to HTTPS? The first page is encrypted between the server and the client, with no opportunity for the attacker to inject the script. –  Rob Bell Mar 29 at 8:33
So, posting from HTTPS to HTTPS will never be affected by a man-in-the-middle attack, no matter the used exploit. This is what you meant? –  Kstro21 Mar 31 at 16:19
There are still means of performing MITM attacks when posting HTTPS to HTTPS - e.g. if someone was able to adjust your list of trusted certificate authorities, or if a CA were compromised - but posting HTTPS to HTTPS dramatically lessens the opportunity for attack. The exploit that Troy Hunt identifies is a very real threat. The MITM attacks via compromised CAs far less so. –  Rob Bell Apr 2 at 12:27

The actual data transfer from your form to the server is encrypted when posting over HTTPS. If that is what you mean by secure, then yes, it is secure.

I think what you are getting at in your question is, what about client-side stuff reading the form prior to post. That is certainly possible, HTTPS or not.

On another note though, you should probably use HTTPS for the actual form. Some browsers warn users as their posts are redirected over the HTTP/HTTPS boundary. Plus, I don't think your users will be happy filling out a form where there is no secure icon showing.

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Yes. As long as the request that needs to be secure is https, you're good.

That being said, many key sites, including gmail, have stopped bothering carving off small sections of their site to be https and just made their whole site https. It's easier and safer, and you lose little in the way of performance.

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And boy, is it ever easier. Done properly, session IDs and such should really be regenerated every time a user switches between an HTTP/HTTPS connection. (This is to help minimize the risk of session-hijacking. Once a session ID has been passed in cleartext, it should be considered compromised, from a security perspective.) Having worked on two or three applications which were regenerating these IDs constantly, I can tell you from experience that it's a huge pain in the ass. Just locking into HTTPS only and committing to it is the only way to go, in my opinion. –  chrisallenlane Apr 1 '12 at 0:23

If you set action to HTTPS this will indeed be secure. Before anything can happen over HTTPS a handshake has to occur, and the browser sending the data will have to do this when the action occurs.

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Yes, it'll be secure if the location your form is posting to is HTTPS.

Users, however, may freak out that there's no lock icon in their browser on the page with the form. You may be better off from a usability standpoint having both pages be HTTPS.

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