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Can someone tell me for what server request code does the 'error' option in jquery ajax ($.ajax) stand for? Because I want to handle the 400 server error, but I can't seem to do it using that 'error' option. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong in my code or whether it's a bug... Please I need your assistance. Thank you.

var options = {
    type: "post",
    target: "#responsePanel",
    beforeSend: function(){
        $("#polygonUploadPanel, #polygonUploadBtnHolder").hide();
    complete: function(){
        $("#polygonUploadPanel, #polygonUploadBtnHolder").show();
    success: function(response, statusString, xhr, $form){
    error: function(response, statusString, err){
        $("#polygonUploadPanel, #polygonUploadBtnHolder").hide();
        $(".errorHeading a").click(function(e){

        if(response.status == 400) {

        if(response.status == 601) {
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So you're sure you're actually getting a 400 response? Have you tried setting a breakpoint in the "error" callback function? – Pointy Oct 20 '10 at 13:57
@Pointy & @fearofawhackplanet: I will try debugging it again, but can you still tell me what is code equivalent the 'error' option in $.ajax or for it stands for, please? – Shaoz Oct 20 '10 at 16:43
@Pointy: Yes I'm sure I'm getting a 400 response in firebug. But the browser shows a 500 one. – Shaoz Oct 20 '10 at 16:46
Try installing the TamperData Firefox plugin to get a second opinion. That tracks all HTTP traffic and lets you look at the request and response headers. – Pointy Oct 20 '10 at 16:54

are you using dataType:'jsonp'? if so, and there is an error, there's a bug (?) that it goes to the ether.

if not, for jQuery>=1.5, try adding the statusCode map of handlers to your ajax setup to see if you are getting into each named status:

    ,success: function(a,b,c){
    ,error: function(a,b,c) {
    ,statusCode: {
        200: function(a,b,c) {
        ,400: function(a,b,c) {
        ,404: function(a,b,c) {
        ,500: function(a,b,c) {
    ,complete: function(a,b,c) {
        console.log('status: ' + a.status);
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