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I've been trying to do this Regex for a while now. I'd like to create one that matches all the spaces of a text, except those in literal string.


123 Foo "String with spaces"

Space between 123 and Foo would match, as well as the one between Foo and "String with spaces", but only those two.


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so what should be your output? – ghostdog74 Oct 20 '10 at 14:07
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A common, simple strategy for this is to count the number of quotes leading up to your location in the string. If the count is odd, you are inside a quoted string; if the amount is even, you are outside a quoted string. I can't think of a way to do this in regular expressions, but you could use this strategy to filter the results.

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I think you're right. Regex can't save me this time, as it can't count a caracter occurence. Thanks – Frank Oct 20 '10 at 14:28

You could use re.findall to match either a string or a space and then afterwards inspect the matches:

import re
hits = re.findall("\"(?:\\\\.|[^\\\"])*\"|[ ]", 'foo bar baz "another\\" test\" and done')
for h in hits:
    print "found: [%s]" % h


found: [ ]
found: [ ]
found: [ ]
found: ["another\" test"]
found: [ ]
found: [ ]

A short explanation:

"          # match a double quote
(?:        # start non-capture group 1
  \\\\.    #   match a backslash followed by any character (except line breaks)
  |        #   OR
  [^\\\"]  #   match any character except a '\' and '"'
)*         # end non-capture group 1 and repeat it zero or more times
"          # match a double quote
|          # OR
[ ]        # match a single space
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If this ->123 Foo "String with spaces" <- is your structure for a line that is to say text followed by a quoted text you could create 2 groups the quoted and the unquoted text and an tackle them separately.

ex.regex -> (.*)(".*") where $1 should contain ->123 Foo <- and $2 ->"String with spaces"<-

java example.

    String aux = "123 Foo \"String with spaces\"";
    String regex = "(.*)(\".*\")";
    String unquoted = aux.replaceAll(regex, "$1").replace(" ", "");
    String quoted = aux.replaceAll(regex, "$2");

javascript example.

    str='1 23 Foo \"String with spaces\"';
    re = new RegExp('(.*)(".*")') ;
    var quoted = str.replace(re, "$1");
    var unquoted = str.replace(re, "$2");
    document.write (quoted.split(' ').join('')+unquoted);
// -->
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