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I've searched high and low for some resolution to this problem. Hopefully someone here can explain!!

I create a usercontrol that uses .NET web controls, but I want to create a smoother user experience by avoiding full postbacks, so I write some JQUERY to capture click events on the client and in this way do the processing without going back to the server.

        $("#tblLedgerEntries :checkbox").click(function () {
            var value1 = $(this).closest("tr").find("td.invoiceAmount").html();
            var value2 = $('#<%=hdnTotalToPay.ClientID%>').html();
            CalculateTotalPayable(value1, value2, $(this).attr("checked"));

All fine. Now someone comes to my site with javascript DISABLED. Let's assume I can detect whether javascript is enabled or otherwise. In this situation I will need to do the calculations I was doing on the client on the server which means I need to trigger a postback....

How do I do this.....I only want to trigger a full postback if javascript is disabled. I want to use the client script if javascript is enabled. If this is applying to checkboxes (UI recalculates a payable amount each time a user clicks a row checkbox), the only way I can see to trigger a postback is by using AutoPostBack=True....but this will always do a postback regardless of the client script.....arghhh.

Anyone know how to do this....or am I approaching this from the wrong angle?!??

Kind Regards


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AutoPostBack = true is implemented via javascript. So if the user has javascript disabled, that won't work either. The only way to get a PostBack when javascript is disabled is with a usercontrol which gets rendered to the client as an <input type="submit" /> since that causes the browser to post the form. Any server controls which render javascript:__doPostBack() links will not work.

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I guess you probably can do it using UpdatePanel:

But of course, the logics will be in the server, using ajax or postbacks, not in the client.

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$("#btnSave").attr('disabled', true); 
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add some comments to understand.. – bgs Oct 7 '13 at 13:18
Check it out: – Raj Jan 6 '14 at 13:04

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