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I have an application which has settings where user can define what file will be played on different events (complete, cancel etc.)

What is the difference between words audio and sound (settings) in computer program? Or is there difference at all? In my case what would be the settings called?

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This is somewhat subjective, but to me audio is somewhat lower level than sound.

Audio settings would be things like "sample rate", "number of bits", "mono/stereo", etc.

Sound settings would be things like "enable sound effects", "enable background music", "volume", etc.

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From what you describe those settings are the logical choice would be sound settings. audio would imply that he changes the way the sounds are played, not what the actual sounds are.

On the other hand sound is a homonym so you may want to avoid it.

It's hard to make a competent choice because the two words are perfect synonyms (each of them can be used in place of the other in any context).

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