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I could not find any info on the web and stackoverflow on how to get the first matching character subsequence from a Lucene Document.

ATM i'm using this logic to retrieve results from Lucene:

        Document doc=searcher.doc(hit.doc);
        String text=doc.get("text");
        if (text.length() > 80){
        results.add(new SearchResult(doc.get("url"), doc.get("title"), text));

As you can see this just takes the first 80 chars of the searched text and wraps it together with some other data into a SearchResult object.

Is it somehow possible to retrieve the first or even highest scoring subsequence of the text which actually contains any searchterms?

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You need Lucene Highlighter. Here and here you can find some more info on it.

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Also note that there are several Highlighter implementations for both Lucene 2.x and Lucene 3.0. Take the one that fits your task better. – ffriend Oct 20 '10 at 14:41

It is called hit highlighter. This is probably a duplicate of another highlighter question

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