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when I run my programs from within Eclipse IDE the following piece of code works perfectly:

address_name = self.text_ctrl_address.GetValue().encode('utf-8')
self.address_list = [i for i in data if address_name.upper() in i[5].upper().encode('utf-8')]

but when running the same piece of code directly with python, I get an "UnicodeDecodeError".

What does the IDE does differently that it doesn't fall on this error ?

ps: I encode both unicode strings because it is the only way to test one string against another containing letters like ñ or ç.


Sorry, I should have given more details: This piece of code belongs to a dialog built with WxPython. The GetValue() functions gets texts from a line edit widget and try to match this piece of text against a database. The program runs on Windows (and because of this, maybe michael Shopsin above might be right("Win-1252 to UTF-8 is a serious nuisance"). I've read many times that I should always work with unicode, avoid encoding, but if I don't encode, certain string methods don't seem to work very well depending on the characters in a word (I am in Spain, so lots of non ascii characters). By directly I meant "double clicking" the file it self, and not running from within the IDE.

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"directly"? Do you mean from the command prompt? What OS? What is the encoding for your console? –  S.Lott Oct 20 '10 at 14:53
I don't know about Eclipse, but what do you mean "it is the only way to test one string against another"? In modern Python, you shouldn't need to bother about encoding/decoding if you are not doing input or output (from file, DB or network) and even in that case many APIs handle unicode transparently. What is this GetValue() method? Which library? –  Marco Mariani Oct 20 '10 at 14:55
Win-1252 to UTF-8 is a serious nuisance, I second Kelmer's question about stable encoding. –  Michael Shopsin Oct 20 '10 at 15:09

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I could solve the problem changing the encoding from UTF-8 to cp1252 (Windows western europe). Apparently UTF-8 could not encode some Windows characters. Thanks to Michael Shopsin above for the insight.

The program runs on windows and uses WxPython dialog , getting values from a line edit widget and matching the string against a database.

Thank you all for the attention, and I hope this post can help people in the future with a similar problem.

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No problem, I've dealt with this problem in a lot of languages. –  Michael Shopsin Oct 21 '10 at 14:49

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