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How does one copy the file to a webdav share? We are currently using FSCopyObjectAsync to copy files to local file system or SMB, however it quits almost immediately when copying to a mounted WebDav share. To verify the behaviour I've run rsync and the transfer was completed in about 1-2 seconds reporting the progress of 10 mb/s upload, after that rsync just hanged. During that time the data is being transferred according to server logs but there's no way to observe the progress. do I monitor this kind of uploads and (due to natural born curiosity) why would MacOS X copy/buffer the uploaded file before actually uploading it?

Thanks a million!

PS: Finally I ended up using FTP using a bunch of CFxxxxx functions. It was surprisingly easy and fast to wrap up and get over with as well :)

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What do you mean by “it quits almost immediately”? Are you getting any output in the Console? If so, what is it? Are any relevant functions returning error codes? If so, what are they? – Peter Hosey Oct 20 '10 at 23:11
That is, the callback of FSCopyObjectAsync is fired 4 times - start, copy progress somewhat 40%, somewhat 100% and upon completion. All that in around 3 seconds. If I do not terminate the process upon the callback's "complete" event then the remote file actually grows. The point is how to detect the real upload termination, i.e. FSCopyObjectAsync callback is accurate on SMB and local file copy however it is not so when uploading to DAV. – Semyon Petrov Oct 24 '10 at 11:48

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