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I have a web browser control, already navigated to a page. Now I want to search for a specific text in the page, and scroll to the first occurrence.

Being able to scroll to other occurrences is a bonus.

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You can try this code:

webBrowser1.Select(); SendKeys.Send("^f");

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I don't know if it works in a WebBroswer. We make the broswer(IE/FF/etc) window scroll to some text with the following code:

//source code of http://www.sample.com/sample.html
<span name="aim">KeyWord</span>

If I want the window to scroll to the "KeyWord", simply visit http://www.sample.com/sample.html#aim

Using string document = myWebBrowser.DocumentText to get the source code of the page, and search the text in the string, get its node name, and navigate it using #.

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Actually the problem is not scrolling to a specific node; that has been done. Finding a selection of text that matches the search query is the main problem. –  Mostafa Mahdieh Oct 20 '10 at 18:55
@Mostafa Mahdieh: See my edit. –  Danny Chen Oct 21 '10 at 2:12
I bit of detail must be added here... Searching in the text results in a index in the string. Finding the node that contained that string is not that trivial: The matched text might be the result of multiple text nodes merged into a node. –  Mostafa Mahdieh Oct 22 '10 at 9:40

See this if it helps:

string PageSource = null;
PageSource = WebBrowser1.Document.Body.InnerHtml();
if (Strings.InStr(PageSource, stringtoFind) > 0) {
  ...insert an Anchor tag here and then use 
   WebBrowser1.Navigate to go to the the new URL with the #Anchor tag
} else {
...whatever else
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