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My code was working fine until I reloaded the program a few hours later. Now I get these this error:

error C3867: 'player::getxPos': function call missing argument list; use '&player::getxPos' to create a pointer to member

error C3867: 'player::getyPos': function call missing argument list; use '&player::getyPos' to create a pointer to member

This is the code in question:

if (P->shoot())
    eS = shotVector.size();
        P->getxPos, // C3867
        P->getyPos // C3867

I'm trying to call two functions from a class called player and these two functions look like this:

int player::getxPos(){
    return xPos;

int player::getyPos(){
    return yPos;

What's being done is that I'm trying to ask for the players position and then use that to decide where to shoot from.

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"My code was working fine until..." - classic quote... – AshleysBrain Oct 20 '10 at 15:44
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shotVector[eS-1].initShot(P->getxPos, P->getyPos); - you are trying to call the getxPos() and getyPos() members without ().

Use getxPos() and getyPos().

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You forgot the parenthesis, which tell the compiler that you want a method call:




If you instead used &P->getxPos, that would give you a pointer to the member function itself.

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shotVector[eS-1].initShot(P->getxPos(), P->getyPos());
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