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I used to run a phpBB forum for our class in school but we have now graduated and the forum isn't used anymore. I want to remove the phpBB installation but there is a lot written in the forum that is fun to read now and then.

I wonder if there is an easy way to convert the phpBB forum to some kind of static archive page that anyone can browse and read, instead of having the full phpBB installation.

I guess I could create some kind of converter myself using the database tables but I wonder if there already is something like that.

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Hi Zeta Two, could you share what did you do in the end? Did you create your static forum archive? – automatthias May 4 at 22:23
@automatthias If I remember correctly, I think I wrote a small script that converted the content into just two tables: topics and posts and then printed them kind of like how Sephrial suggested. Unfortunately, when I looked at this last time, the script didn't work with newer versions of phpBB. – Zeta Two May 9 at 11:34
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You could write a quick php script, to query the database and generate a flat HTML file.


        // Query php Database Table
        foreach (Row in tblComment) {
            echo " 


Or you could get a little fancier and generate a HTML file for each subject, and build a index.html page that has links to all the HTML pages created, but I don't think you'll find anything that does what you need.

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Yeah, that will probably be rather easy anyway. If anyone want the code I can link to it here later. – Zeta Two Oct 20 '10 at 18:17

Another option would be to use a website copier such as to generate and save all generated HTML files that can later be served from the server.

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